• How do I book

    You can call us on 01492330210. Whatts app or call on 07776920132 or email us APAutodetailing@outlook.com. (please note deep cleans, cabriolet roof cleans and machine polishing services are to be inspected prior to service in order to give an accurate price quote)

  • Why are your services based on a from price and not a set price?

    All vehicles are different based on size, shape, interior material, how soiled the interior is, exterior areas such as intricate polishing areas, paint /lacquer hardness, paint depth, paint condition and more. It is all based on time and how much work is needed in order to meet your needs.

  • What payment Methods do you accept?

    We accept, Cash, Card payment or Bank transfer. Payment must be made upon collection of your vehicle.

  • Do you collect and Deliver vehicles?

    We can personally collect your vehicle if you are local within 3 miles for valeting services or 5 miles free of charge for detailing services. Anything over this distance is based on location and timeframe and may be chargeable. We are also able to drop your vehicle off although we prefer collection from the unit upon service completion.

  • Do you offer protection warranties?

    Our Krypton ceramic range comes with Krypton warranties and personal ones from ourselves if there on any issues what so ever, we are on hand to help and rectify.

  • Why Protect/Detail a new car?

    You’d be surprised to find that the majority of new cars don’t look as good as they can. In most circumstances your new car will have imperfections such as wash marks, sometimes marring and swirls, iron particles from transit and more. Protecting your new car is also very important to ensure the exterior of your vehicle does not deteriorate and lose value. Ceramic protection is perfect for new cars due to it’s longevity, scratch resistance, hardness, extreme hydrophobic properties and durability. Don’t be drawn in by protection that the dealerships offer, dealership protection is extremely inferior, in most cases not applied correctly and at a cost that isn’t far from the price of a ceramic coating and in some cases more expensive.

  • Do you provide maintenance washes on detailed vehicles?

    Yes, all of our wash services are safe and thorough. Our wash process is to ensure all vehicles are maintained correctly using safe chemicals and equipment.

  • Opening hours

    Our opening hours can be found on our website, although we offer our services 7 days a week based on your availability or needs.

  • Why machine polish paintwork?

    Even a 1 stage light machine polish will enhance the colour and gloss of your vehicles paintwork. Machine polishing is to remove or reduce the amount of imperfections in your paintwork such as wash marks, swirling, scratches, acid staining, water marks, buffer trails, holograms, orange peel, marring, micro swirling and more. The more imperfections your removal and correct in the paintwork, the more enhanced the gloss and colour will be.