Protecting your New car car is essential for holding value and protecting the appearance from the elements such as UV rays (colour fading), acid rain, bird etchings and much more.

We enhance your new vehicle to a higher standard than a showroom finish through our prep and polishing techniques. You’d be surprised at how many cars have imperfections which are affecting the appearance of the vehicle. All of our protection packages come with a full through prep (claybar, de tar, De iron) in order to ensure your protection bonds directly with your paintwork to receive the full effect and longevity of the protection.

Ceramic Protection is the perfect choice for protecting your vehicle with its durability, hardness, extreme hydrophobic properties, longevity, scratch resistance, UV rays protection and more. We are certified Krypton Ceramic protection specialist. Krypton Ceramic is one of the best tried and tested ceramics on the market, our years of using Krypton Ceramic have allowed us to see unbelievable results. We offer 3, 5 and 10 year ceramic coatings with our 5 and 10 year ceramics offering self healing properties that may occur over time. Once ceramic is bonded to your vehicle, you need not apply any other protection untill the Ceramic has reached its lifetime. Easy maintenance with no required up keep.