• Alloys Sprayed with non acidic cleaner and cleaned,
  • Arches cleaned,
  • Lower half of body work sprayed with a citrus degreaser and rinsed,
  • Vehicle snow foamed to help reduce marring,
  • Washed with lambs wool mitt using 2 bucket method,
  • Dried with a plush drying towel,
  • Door shuts cleaned,
  • Tyres dressed,
  • Application of liquid wax (4-6 week protection).


  • Vacuum all seats, carpets and matts,
  • Steam clean vents and intricate areas
  • Clean all plastics and dashboard,
  • dress plastics and dashboard,
  • Clean windows,
  • Finish off with a second vacuum over seats, Carpets and matts.

A level up from a mini valet with the inclusion of an interior steam clean and the addition of liquid wax paint protection.