Vehicle Detailing

A detail will leave just about every surface of your vehicle improved; it leaves your vehicle looking glossy with a mirror shine and UV protected paintwork, cleaned and conditioned leather, enhanced plastics and sparkling chrome.

Detailing represents unbelievable value for money for the lasting look and protection of your paintwork and/or interior. Consider the fact that a detail is only a fraction of the price it costs to respray your car. Our machine polishing services all leave a high gloss finish. Ultimately it’s dependant on how you see your vehicles paintwork (whether your after an enhanced gloss and shine or would like to remove those nagging imperfections such as swirling for the ultimate enhanced showroom finish). Over the years we’ve dealt with anything from new cars to the worst paintworks imaginable. Age is just a number to us when it comes to vehicles and we treat every car the same.

With our Unit situated just off the A55 in Mochdre, Conwy our Vehicle detailing services are easy to reach.

We always look under lights with the customer before we perform any of our machine polishing services to assess and to perform a test panel. Each panel is checked thoroughly with a paint depth gauge to ensure any imperfections are removed safely. Upon service completion we walk around the vehicle with the customer under extremely strong light to show the customer the full outcome of the service.

Interior and Exterior Details

Details are the ultimate within our services providing a deep interior clean on top of paint enhancements / corrections, leaving an enhanced showroom finish appearance to your vehicle throughout. We offer 1 of the best exterior and interior protective layers on the market. We are certified Krypton Ceramic Protection applicators – One of the leading brands on the market with years of visual results.

New Car Protection / Detail

Our Range of ceramic protection has been tried and tested for over 20 years with visual results of our Krypton Ceramic range lasting longer than its proposed duration in some cases with the correct aftercare. Our ceramic protection lasts between 3 and 10 years with our 5 and 10 year ceramic being self healing when high temperature heat is applied. Take into to consideration when buying a new car that dealerships will offer you a protective layer at a cost of between £300 and £600 or in some cases more. The protective layer that dealerships offer has been shown to last no longer than 12 months, sometimes isn’t applied and in the majority of cases isn’t applied correctly and without the correct paintwork preparation. With our new car protection packages starting at £400 for a thicker, more durable and longer lasting protection that’s applied correctly, its a no brainer.

Please bear in mind that new car protection is for vehicles straight from dealership or within a few days of leaving the dealership, as from that point your vehicle may need further correction from daily use without protection.

Orange peel and other services

Orange peel is typically the result or improper painting technique, and is caused by the quick evaporation of thinner, incorrect spray gun setup (e.g., low air pressure or incorrect nozzle), spraying the paint at an angle other than perpendicular, or applying excessive paint. We can correct this with either a wet sanding method or 400 meznerna heavy cut polish compound. Prices vary which would be based on the extent of the orange peel and how many panels would need rectifying.

Any wet sanding service for either deep scratches or to flatten the vehicles paintwork is priced on inspection of the vehicle.

When it comes to scratch removal we can conduct single panel or single scratch removal starting from £25 for a single panel or £10 for an individual scratch.

There are no limitations within our services and we tailor everything based on the customers needs and budget. You may find individual services beneficial such as:

  • headlight restoration
  • full paint decontamination
  • hand polish
  • chrome restoration
  • rubber clean
  • exhaust tip polish
  • Alloy wheel decontamination, polish and/or protection

One Persons Ford is another Persons Ferrari

Vehicle Detailing Services

New Car Detail

2 days
from £650
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A new car detail differs from new car protection in that a machine polish is included. It is not uncommon for a brand new vehicle to leave the showroom with imperfections in the paintwork. While it may have been washed incorrectly with the dealership, scratches occurred while in transit. A machine polish will remove these imperfections and enhance the appearance for a near perfect finish.

New Car Protection

1 to 2 days
from £400
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Our new car protection service includes exterior ceramic protection from a choice or either Krypton K5 3 year ceramic, self healing K9 5 years ceramic or 10 year self healing Krypton crystal Sirius ceramic. With this interior leather and/or upholstery protection may be added. As with all of our vehicle detailing services, the exterior receives a safe wash and full decontamination (claybar, de-iron, de-tar). With this service we perform a light machine polish the vehicle and panel wipe before the chosen protection application and cure. Our ceramic application is full coverage of the exterior, including – paint, plastics, chrome, lights, side windows, face and barrel of alloys and wheel arches.

Our protection is far superior to ones offered by dealerships and prepped and applied correctly to ensure full bond and longevity of protection.

Ultimate Detail

4 to 6 days
from £900
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This service is the ultimate in vehicle detailing, bringing the vehicles appearance to a standard more enhanced than a showroom finish. 3 stage machine polish removing a minimum of 90% of all imperfections providing it’s safe to do so. This service includes a full deep interior clean in all areas bringing it up like new and engine bay detailed clean (polish where applicable) and dress. It doesn’t just stop with polishing and protection either, we enhance the full appearance of your vehicle through meticulous touches such as rust treatment, stone chip touch ups and flatten, re paint rusted callipers, remove rust from wheel nuts, headlight restoration, replace screws, de badge, replace old badges, chrome restore, rubber restore, alloy wheel polish, wheel Arche deep clean and more – essentially restoring the full appearance of your vehicle.

3 stage Full Correction

3 to 5 days
From £700
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The ultimate in paint correction. A 3 stage polish using a heavy, medium and fine compound to remove a minimum of 90% of all imperfections within the paintwork (where safe to do so) to release the ultimate gloss and mirror effect of your paintwork. This is designed to enhance your vehicles appearance to a higher standard than a showroom finish.

2 stage Machine polish

2 to 3 days
From £500
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1st stage machine polish removing wash marks, light swirling and a minimum of 90% of heavy swirling. 2nd stage to refine, remove hazing and micro swirling that may occur from heavy compound to enhance the gloss even further. Perfect for vehicles littered with heavy swirling from unsafe washing methods.

Single stage Paint Enhancements

1 to 2 days
from £250
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A medium 1 stage polish using a medium pad and compound. This service removes wash marks, light swirling and up to 60% of heavy swirling, leaving a more enhanced gloss finish with flatter paintwork.

Gloss Enhancement

1 day
from £150
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Essentially a light 1 stage polish with either a light pad and compound for gloss and fading correction or a medium 1 stage polish for removing wash marks and light swirling, leaving a high gloss finished paintwork. This service is perfect to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and for vehicles with minimal imperfections.

We only use the very best products, to match our service

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