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Our Range of ceramic protection has been tried and tested for over 10 years with visual results of our Krypton Ceramic range lasting longer than its proposed duration in some cases with the correct aftercare. Our ceramic protection lasts between 3 and 10 years with our 5 and 10 year ceramic being self healing when high temperature heat is applied.

Take into to consideration when buying a new car that dealerships will offer you a protective layer at a cost of between £300 and £600. The protective layer that dealerships offer has been shown to last no longer than 12 months, sometimes isn’t applied and in the majority of cases isn’t applied correctly and without the correct paintwork preparation. With our new car protection packages starting at £400 for a thicker, more durable and longer lasting protection that’s applied correctly, its a no brainer.

Krypton Ceramic is one of the most effective, superior and durable ceramics in the world. It has unrivalled durability and self healing properties.

Ceramic is used to protect all exterior surfaced of your vehicle including, windows, paint, chrome, plastics, lights, alloys, wheel arches, nuts, bolts and more. Krypton is designed to protect any surface of  your vehicle against UV rays, acid rain, bird etchings, harsh chemicals, scratch resistance and more.

Protecting your pride and joy has many advantages and ceramic protection stands our above the rest. It’s extreme hydrophobic properties allow ease of clean and remain cleaner for longer, once applied you need not use any protective toppers to ensure longevity of ceramic. Let’s not forget that ceramic is also harder than lacquer and can be layered for extra thickness and longevity.

Ceramic Coating

Please bear in mind that new car protection is for vehicles straight from dealership or within a few days of leaving the dealership, as from that point your vehicle may need further correction from daily use without protection.

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