Ultimate Detail

This service is the ultimate in vehicle detailing, bringing the vehicles appearance to a standard more enhanced than a showroom finish. 3 stage machine polish removing a minimum of 90% of all imperfections providing it’s safe to do so. This service includes a full deep interior clean in all areas bringing it up like new […]

2 stage Machine polish

A medium 2 stage polish. 1st stage removing wash marks, light swirling a minimum of 70% of heavy swirling. 2nd stage fine polish compound to enhance the gloss even further. Perfect for vehicles littered with heavy swirling from unsafe washing methods.

Gloss Enhancement

Essentially a light 1 stage polish with a light pad and compound removing wash marks and light swirling, leaving a high gloss finished paintwork. This service is perfect to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and for vehicles with minimal imperfections.

Interior Odour Elimination

This service is perfect for elimination of dog smell, smokers odour, mould and damp odour and more. This service consists of a full thorough deep interior clean, steam clean in all areas including vents and a bio soak depending on the extent of the odour. The price various on the extent of the odour and […]

Cabriolet Roof Clean and Protection

Cabriolet roof safely lubricated (no jet wash used) Cabriolet roof thoroughly cleaned using safe chemicals Cabriolet roof is then rinsed safely and dried ready for re-check (as it may need to be cleaned multiple times dependant on how heavily soiled the roof is) Once we’re happy the cabriolet roof is completely cleaned and dried we […]

Platinum Valet – Interior and Exterior

Vacuum all seats, carpets and matts including boot area, Deep clean carpets and upholstery using extraction machine, Dry seats and carpets, Steam clean all areas including vents Clean all plastics and dashboard including vents and seat runners, dress plastics and dashboard, Clean headlining and visors. Second vacuum over seats, Carpets and matt, Krypton leather protection […]